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Hover Tactics

Top-Down Combat Mech Simulation Game that is served with a blast of Action and a sprinkle of Strategy.

Inspired by Desert Strike and Battle Tech.
The game is developed in association with the HomeTeam GameDev Community and I was the Team Lead.

Flick Tactics

Turn Based Strategy Game Inspired by Advance Wars...

...and Into the Breach. Play this web game with your friends and family on the same screen. Also, he game is mobile-friendly!
The game is developed in association with the HomeTeam GameDev Community and I was the Team Lead.

Without Miles

2D Side Scroller featuring Miles and Marbles. This game is developed for Epiphany's Developers Game Jam 2020 and won 1st Prize!

A little sad story game of a kitten with a puppy.
Team Gryffindors - Murk Bhutto, Arisha Khan, Murk Bhutto and me.


Color Trick Game available on Play Store

Same Color, Same Word means GREEN. Otherwise, it means RED.
Now, with redesigned UI, improved gameplay, better sounds and 2 new modes: Pop and Slide.

Mystic Chambers

Raycaster JS game inspired by Doom.

You went into some mysterious chambers to get your hands on the Mystus Treasure.
The game is developed in association with the HomeTeam GameDev Community and I was the Team Lead.


Orbital Tower Defense Game

Save Mars from the Alien Invasion by constructing Orbital Array with units called Antons. The game is Real Time Strategy and there will be 10 waves of Aliens.

Nick Of Time

2D Top Down Split Screen Action RPG which the players are stuck in the dungeon. Now, you have to find a way out.
The game is developed in association with the HomeTeam GameDev Community and I was the Team Lead.


Manual Tower Defense Game

...where the player have to flip all the levers and defend them from the bots by clicking on them (yeah, no towers). Each lever will empower the player: New Visuals, New Area, New Ability.

This game is made for Ludum Dare 45 with theme: Start with Nothing.

Hire me so that I can Develop Exciting, Juicy and Quality Video Games for you!

My Tech Timeline

(This timeline only covers my history with programming and game engines that I used. Infact, it also misses a lot of that too. For example, I learned and/or tried OpenGL, Python and SFML as well.)

  • MS Powerpoint, FPS Creator, Yoyo's Game Maker, Gamesalad (and some more...) Pre 2010
  • Minecraft: Redstones and Command Blocks 2010-2015
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript (basics, no canvas) 2011
  • Java and JavaFX 2011-2012
  • C++ (no framework) 2012-now
  • C++ (SDL2 and Box2D) 2013-now
  • BAC Studios (BAC Programming) Blog 2015-now
  • Lua (Love2D) 2015
  • Unity Game Engine 2016-now
  • Kotlin 2018
  • Godot Game Engine 2019-now
  • Joined HomeTeam GameDev Club 2019-now
  • Javascript Canvas/WebGL (no framework) 2019-now
  • Flutter, Dart 2020-now
BAC Studios Logo

Bold Aesthetic Creative

1-man Indie Game Studio at this moment where I make indie games and just enjoy the process of making games.

Contributions to GameDev and Programming:

C++ Programming Series

Articles Outside

Colerr on Play Store

HomeTeam GameDev Contributions


About HomeTeam GameDev

HomeTeam GameDev (HTGD) is a community where members make games together as a team and without any kind of stress or crunch.

The community have friendly collaborators and experienced mentors that help finish bigger projects on time. HTGD have made more than 100 games over the past 5 years.

We make original games and everyone can pitch a game idea to start a new game project. I joined HTGD Community on Febuary 2019 and ever since then, I have contributed to 9 games (led 2 of them).

My experience with HTGD Community is so positive. Not only I learned new skills but it also gave me confidence to make even better games.

Nethercard Kingdom

Drag'n'Drop your Cards and Fight back your B'n'W Nethercard Kingdom! I worked on the smooth Card Draw Movements, the World Map, some deck builder UI improvements and Ocean Of Strength credits music. Hmm, also some animations, transitions, effects and bugs fixes. :D

Ghost Rustlers

2D Side-Scroller Turn-Based Shooting game. I made 2 cactus sprites, implemented character selection tints and realigned the game graphics to look nicer on large screens.

Exit the Shadow

A Dark Experience where you face your 3 Evil Selves and 'exit your shadow'. I made the Player Sprite with all its animations, Vignette effect and Attack sound.

Alien Overrun

Tower Defense/Light RTS Game. You gather resources and built towers to defend yourself against aliens. I made the Mage Tower, did some UI work and lots of physics experiments.


2D Top Down Action RPG + Coop Single Screen Multiplayer. It's time for some mage action! I made 2 Boss Battles with team help, some UI work and bug fixes.

Wild Drivers

Split Screen Racing Game that reminds me of the good old days when I used to play NFS II SE. I made and implemented the audio, and did some camera work.


Very relaxing and joyful experience. I did work on UI in this game. Also, my first Gamkedo game!

Am I the one you are looking for? Do you want to hire me? Or maybe, you want to know more about me.

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